31 January 2011


Please excuse the terrible quality of my photos, they are from my iphone. I was being lazy.

I have spent a couple of nights working on a new Valentines card design featuring a bit of hand drawn type. I have used good ol feathers again and i realise i am now slightly obsessed! I have drawn all of the letters by hand in fineliner and then scanned them in to create the card design.

I have a few ideas for other ways i can use the drawing:

  • Different coloured feathers (red)
  • A4 print
  • Hand drawn customised prints with peoples names below 'I LOVE YOU'
  • Mugs featuring the design
Firstly i need to put them up for sale in shop!


Valentines Craft Fair


12 - 5pm

Valentine's Handmade Market At THE ORANGE TREE
Featuring Nottingham's Finest Designer Makers

An incredible mix of goods from Illustration and Prints to Jewellery and Textiles. Something for your home or something for your hair; Unique cards or crazy toys. Whatever you are looking for, come on over to The Orange Tree to buy your Valentine's presents from independent sellers. Who could resist a beautifully handmade gift from a local maker? Go on- treat someone, or treat yourself! ;)

The Orange Tree will also be offering cheap cocktails to all our customers: All you have to do is bring your purchases to the bar, to receive your discount. www.orangetree.co.uk
Best get making!! I've been working on a new valentines day card design which is almost complete and i will post some pictures of my progress on here soon! I have been in two minds whether to put the design onto mugs too or whether to keep it paper based...hmmm. Help?

Film List Week 2

23 January 2011

Film List Week 1

Coral & Tusk

I just discovered this amazingly simple yet so clever product range from Coral & Tusk. Husband and wife Chris Lacinak and Stephanie Housley launched the company in 2007, the use of surface and texture in their products stems from Stephanies experience of working in India creating textiles. Their products are very much organic and raw with a beautiful playful twist, their owl in tree pocket pillow is by far my favourite.

This pocket pillow doubles as decoration and a toy. The owl comes out of his tree and is a fun small critter to play with. When the owl is out visiting with you and the chipmunk, you can see the inside of his tree house and all of his other nocturnal friends in picture frames!

Itch Gallery

I was a very lucky girl last week when i was asked by Catherine, the lovely owner of Itch Gallery if i wanted to sell some of work there. So on Wednesday, I went for a drive through the beautiful countryside and dropped off some mugs, plates and a couple of my wooden wall hangings. It was really interesting to meet Catherine as she also graduated from Loughborough where she studied Fine Art, we had a nice chat and i gave her my wares!

Once she has decided where she is going to display my work she is going to send me some pics so i'll get them uploaded as soon as!

Catherine is advertising for other designer/maker/artists at the moment, so if you are interested here is the link to her website http://www.itchgallery.co.uk/ and follow her on twitter if you have a minute @Itch_Gallery.

18 January 2011

Apples & Pears Craft Fair

Night Owl was selling at a craft fair in Nottingham way back in November, i've just been sent some belated photos of us and some of the other brillo stalls there. It was absolutely freezing all day but despite the weather, I sold lots and my lovely tutor from college came to see me too!

It is always nice to see photos of your stall so you can work on ways of how to improve the display and also whether your products look right as a collection. You can see more pictures and news on upcoming events on their blog www.applesandpearsandcraftywares.blogspot.com/

17 January 2011

If you go down to the woods today.

Hello, i just wanted to show you all my new photographs that were taken yesterday in Cannock Chase by the lovely Andy Jones. I wanted to improve my imagery for when i set up my website and also to hopefully increase sales on Etsy etc.

So we went out yesterday morning and came across a lovely little clearing, full of moss covered tree stumps and boulders, PERFECT! Unfortunatley it started to rain and despite standing over Andy with an umberella, it was no use. So here are the photos so far and i have scheduled another photography day this weekend.

12 January 2011

My Owl Barn

I have been contacted by the brilliant  My Owl Barn blog of which i visit almost always daily! They have asked me if i would like to advertise my business on their page, my answer was of course 'Yes'! How cool is that! So i now feature on the left hand side of the page for owl lovers of the world to see and hopefully click to see my work, eek!
My Owl Barn
There i am, can you see it? Ha. Anyway i recommend you have a mooch on My Owl Barn as there is currently a free printable 2011 calendar featuring some really amazing artists and illustrators.

Creative BOOM

I'm on the front page! Wowzers. Thank you Kellie for a lovely write up too!

Creative Boom Homepage and Feature

11 January 2011

Ria Hill

My lovely tutor from uni came to see me at one of my craft fairs before christmas and kindly bought some of my crafty wares. I had a nose at her blog last night and she's taken some photos of my christmas decorations on her tree! So here they are for you, also i had to include a photo of some of her recent work. SU-perb.

You can find out more about Ria on her blog http://www.riahill.blogspot.com/