3 April 2011

Greetings Cards

Here are some greetings cards i had printed for my craft fair at the weekend, they were just a last minute, spur of the moment thing but they went down a treat so i've decided to pop them in my Etsy shop. They feature all of my Greatest Show On Earth designs and are printed in full colour on heavyweight A5 card. Each card is blank inside for you to write your own special little message or essay like most of my friends do! They have my logo and my shop address on the back and come wrapped in a cellophane sleeve with a white envelope.

They are £1.50 each and are available here.

Print #1

I have finally gotten my screen printing equipment up and running in the new studio! How very exciting. So monday night i exposed my first screen and printed my first tote bag! Woohoo. I ordered ten 100% unbleached cotton tote bags which i aim to print my woodland designs onto and sell in my Etsy shop and at craft fairs. All of the inks used are waterbased ensuring all of products remain eco friendly. I think it is going to take me a few attempts until i am happy with the print but im too dizzy with excitement at the moment.

Watch this space for my next print!


My man Thomas and my pops Chrissy have been hard at work converting 3/4 of the garage into an area where i can work away all by myself and be as messy as i like! It is such a mess at the moment as i need to have lots of shelves put up and my white board etc. but im too impatient and i want you to see it now. I know its only a small space and its pretty cold (even with the electric heater on) but its a start and its mine and i love it! I feel like a very lucky girl.

My Lungs Stopped Working

I want to be this.

The Greatest Show On Earth

Its been a long time coming, but i have finally, finally got round to creating some new mugs and trinkets! The designs are from the Greatest Show On Earth collection where i worked with imagery involving animals and their role in the circus. I am obviously a huge animal lover and have always wanted to work on a project or collection that involved switching the roles of the humans and the animals within the circus scene.

A few months back i had noticed that on quite a few of the trend forecasting websites that i visit, the circus was cropping up quite a lot! I then came across the book and upcoming film 'Water for Elephants' and thought now's the time.

I got to work on some ideas, i wanted to keep the animals quite life like as i am not really a fan of cartoon style illustration, but also to add costume and props. The hardest part of the process was deciding which animals should do which act. My final designs are a family of orangutans swinging on the trapeze, a lady ostrich walking the high rope, a group of meerkats clowing around, a panda walking on a ball and finally a lion posing as the circus ringmaster!

Also, i recently invested in some fine bone china from Stoke on Trent, it is much more delicate and unfortunately fragile than the stoneware mugs i already use. I think that the circus designs work really well with the new china mugs and trinkets but i will be sticking to the chunkier style for my woodland designs.

They are available to buy here.

I will be having a little giveaway to celebrate the launch of my new collection!

All you need to do is

  • follow this blog and my twitter (if you dont already)
  • comment on this post stating your favourite mug or trinket
The winner will recieve their favourite mug or trinket and also a little personalised suprise from me, the winner will be chosen from a hat (or similar object) and announced on Wednesday 6th April and will be posted the same day as im off on my jollies Thursday. Yessa!

Really hope you like them, i am quite nervous and eager to hear your thoughts and opinions as they are slightly different from my usual black and white ink work.

Thanks for reading!