28 June 2011

video killed the radio star

Today i have been drawing live on the internet using my webcam, thought i'd post a little clip so that if you missed it, you can still have a nose! Just link on the link below.


14 June 2011

Should never be allowed money. Ever.

Lets get into a good habit.

Soooo i started back at work last night, whilst i was off sick my boss and friend decided to call it a day and shut the pub. I was given a few weeks to find a new job along with the rest of the staff. Luckily a lady that owns a pub up the road has come in and bought the pub (very brave) and kept us all on!

Last night we all went in and gave the bar and kitchen a spring clean and stocked up etc. so this morning i was a bit tired and couldn't decide what to do first. I sat down and wrote a list, which is still growing, its three o clock and iv managed to tick off two jobs so far. This is a third (blog).

I have taken photographs of all my products that i have created over the last month or two. I kept the style of the photo really simple and i think that they will really improve the appearence of my Etsy Shop. Second on the list was to upload them all onto my new Facebook page, which i've also managed to complete.

So anyway, i have been mind mapping and collecting lots of new and exciting imagery and objects that i can work with to form my new collection 'Garden Party'. The drawings that i have produced so far are a blue tit in flight, another blue tit perched on a birdcage and Mr Magpie holding an antique teaspoon in his mouth whilst standing on the lip of a teacup and saucer. I have started to transfer the designs onto both vintage crockery and also white bone china tea sets and mugs.

13 June 2011

I've made a brew, this may take a while.

It has been almost two months since my last post, i have some explaining to do!

The reasons for my absence is mainly to do with the fact that i have been quite ill. For almost three years i have been complaining of a pain, which i have been told over and over again is a pulled muscle. Well i found out in april it wasn't in fact what they had been telling me, it was serious and i would need emergency surgery.

So i went into hospital at the end of April and have been recovering slowly but surely since then. I was in hospital for around four days and then bed ridden for a good fortnight but i am finally feeling a lot brighter and back to my usual self!

My motivation has rocketed and i am really enjoying Night Owl at the moment. I have decided i am going to put my all into the business and work 100% harder than i was before.

I have been really spoilt by my friends and family with books and dvds AND amazing food and cupcakes! Starting to feel better i started working on some new imagery for a spring collection called 'Garden Party'. Here are some photos of the work in progress, hopefully you start to understand the theme and where i want to go with it!

I have so much to tell you i don't even know where to start, eek. Maybe i will create a new post for each bit of news i have to tell you so that you can just choose to read one or some instead of a ridiculously massively long one.

Its nice to be back anyhow and i promise to keep up the posting with all of my exciting news! I hope you like my new paintings too.