28 July 2011

Silken Favours

WOW, i have fallen in love with these silk scarves designed by Victoria Murdoch. I discovered them at Libertys where Victoria atteneded the open call earlier this year. I love the illustrative, hand drawn style of the designs and the cute, kitsch feel they give you, however you want to wear them :)

New Vintage Pieces for Sale


Robert Therrien: Smoke Signals

Tate Liverpool presents Robert Therrien: Smoke Signals, a major display of work by influential American artist Robert Therrien. Presented together in Liverpool for the first time, Robert Therrien: Smoke Signals will feature a number of the artist’s large-scale sculptures alongside a selection of Therrien’s surprisingly intimate works on paper.


Yesterday i made a little journey up to Liverpool to deliver an order to a lovely lady with a lovely shop named Landbaby. Claire, the owner of the wonderful Landbaby, discovered Night Owl through the new facebook page, which is incredible news! I am trying my hardest to get more and more followers on there, its a really good way to keep everyone informed on offers and latest news.

So anyway, off to Liverpool we went (me & Tom) with my box of bone china. I wanted to deliver the order in person so that i knew the items arrived safely and also its always nice to meet the shop owners and have a little chinwag! The shop is located at the Bluecoat Gallery in a beautiful little courtyard, just around the corner from John Lewis.

The shop was so sweet, it only sells handmade and therefore it was full to the brim with hand stitched cushions, bunting, brooches and teacosies! Claire also runs workshops each week where people can learn different crafts and sewing projects, i wished i lived in Liverpool just for this!

For more information you can 'like' Landbaby on facebook to see their latest workshop dates and more photos.

21 July 2011


Did you know that most of my crockery has been found in charity shops and upcycled with my own doodles...

18 July 2011



Roxy Heart Vintage




14 July 2011

Competition Time

I have been asked time and time again how i create my products and whether they are made by hand so i have decided to put together a step by step demonstration. I have recorded each stage of the process starting with me drawing my latest design 'The Hare', hopefully by doing this excercise more of my customers will see the time and care i put into making each of my products.

It is also competition time for you Night Owl followers, I will show you each step of the process up until i apply the transfer to a piece of china. Soooo, its your job to decide which piece you think will look the best and why! All you need to do is follow this blog and comment below as to which piece you think my brand new 'The Hare' design should belong to and why and i will send that piece of china and a mini digital print of 'The Hare' straight to the follower with the most interesting comment!

I will also record the last stages of the process once i have chosen which one of you will decide on 'The Hare's new home. This will include me applying the transfer and firing the china.

Good luck and be inventive, you have until midnight tonight 14th July.

 My drawing of the hare is finished.

About to scan the drawing so that i can edit it in Adobe Photoshop.

The edited version of the hare drawing.

The file ready to be sent to the digital printers.

The transfer sheets have arrived in the post.

Time to cut each one out very carefully. Multiple brews are needed for this stage.

The hare cut out and ready to be applied to one of the following pieces of crockery. This is where you come in, simply choose your favourite piece, follow the Night Owl blog and comment below on which piece you think 'The Hare' will look most at home and why.