28 August 2011

Tim Shumate

If you are a follower of mine on twitter @Nightowlrose you may have heard that i am now an apprentice tattoo artist. I start a few weeks back and i'm really enjoying it, the plan is to work around Night Owl once im trained so that i can earn a bit of extra cash.

As you may have guessed i have become slightly addicted to tattoo blogs. These amazing illustrations are by a crazy talented guy named Tim Shumate. They are tatooed versions of my favourite disney characters... perfect!

26 August 2011

Homemade Agate Necklace

I found this piece of agate at a local charity shop and have had it lying around for months. Finally, i have drilled a small hole and transformed it into my new favourite necklace.

Where I Live

As a creative person i like to surround myself with inspiration and bit and bobs that generally keep me going! I have finally got to the stage where i am quite happy with my little studio in our family garage even if the roof does leak a bit. After a long six months, i can now sit and spend hours in my cosy little space without having to keep coming in and out of the house trying to find things. Everything i need is now organised and in its rightful place.

25 August 2011

High Tea

Today me and momma have been busy getting my order ready for Yellowstone Art Boutique at Trentham Estate in Staffordshire. After hours of finishing, snipping, packing and taping we were on the road up north!

After dropping off the big box of goodies to the shop, i had a little sit down with Hannah, the owner and we discussed...shhhh christmas! I have decided that i will be making christmas decorations from slices of wood like last year along with some more log candle holders and some festive card sets. After a long deep think i have decided that i would like to make a calender for 2012. I still need to decide on what imagery i will use, ideally i would love to have one britsh garden bird one, a bird of prey one and a woodland one but thats obviously me dreaming! So the next few days i  am going to get stuck into my drawing and painting as i have really been neglecting it lately to deal with orders and boring admin.

I'l keep you updated with how the calender is coming along but here are some photos from today. High tea with momma at Trentham, lush.

24 August 2011

Little Owl

NEW personalisation service!

I am now offering a personalised service for the majority of the products in my Night Owl range. Firstly you can now have a name placed on the inside rim of any of your mugs, a perfect gift for any owl lover!

I have also started to create a range of wedding crockery that can also be personalised. The mugs have proven to be quite popular on Not On The High Street, eeek! They feature the newlyweds names along with the date of their special day, decorated with my hand drawn butterflies they are the ideal present for any bride and groom.

I have also been working with some vintage pieces as i do get a few enquiries regarding vintage from time to time. Here is a selection of plates that i have created recently and can also be made to order as i have a  few more.


I know its a little early but Christmas cannot come soon enough when you see these holiday hat boxes by Penhaligon. I absolutley love the colour scheme and all of the little detailed owls and other woodland creatures.

22 August 2011

New Stockists

This month i have been busy busy busy with lots of orders for existing and new stockists!  I've been accepted and are in the middle of uploading my products onto a number of lovely online marketplaces including Bouf, Retro Roost and Ginger Pickle. Other online stockists that are now featuring my work include Curiosity Haus and Not On The High Street, which i have been so excited to tell you all! All of my products have been re-photographed and edited, using a rather simple backdrop to really show off my designs.

I have also been working on orders for Itch Gallery, Yellowstone Art Boutique and The Maisonette (my first three Night Owl stockists), its always exciting to hear from a new stockists but its equally enjoyable when a shop makes repetative orders from you.

My etsy shop is still going really strong :-) People seem to be really into their wood lately, i've never sold so many coasters! My studio is like a constant workshop at the minute, i can't cut the wood quick enough- i'm not complaining.

I have been getting more and more into the textiles side of my collection lately and have been making some special personalised tea cosies for my friends for their birthdays etc. It's been a while since i used the sewing machine with the freehand embroidery foot but i have fell in love with it all over again and would love the time to make some more for my shop.