13 June 2011

I've made a brew, this may take a while.

It has been almost two months since my last post, i have some explaining to do!

The reasons for my absence is mainly to do with the fact that i have been quite ill. For almost three years i have been complaining of a pain, which i have been told over and over again is a pulled muscle. Well i found out in april it wasn't in fact what they had been telling me, it was serious and i would need emergency surgery.

So i went into hospital at the end of April and have been recovering slowly but surely since then. I was in hospital for around four days and then bed ridden for a good fortnight but i am finally feeling a lot brighter and back to my usual self!

My motivation has rocketed and i am really enjoying Night Owl at the moment. I have decided i am going to put my all into the business and work 100% harder than i was before.

I have been really spoilt by my friends and family with books and dvds AND amazing food and cupcakes! Starting to feel better i started working on some new imagery for a spring collection called 'Garden Party'. Here are some photos of the work in progress, hopefully you start to understand the theme and where i want to go with it!

I have so much to tell you i don't even know where to start, eek. Maybe i will create a new post for each bit of news i have to tell you so that you can just choose to read one or some instead of a ridiculously massively long one.

Its nice to be back anyhow and i promise to keep up the posting with all of my exciting news! I hope you like my new paintings too.


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