8 July 2011

Next Step

This week i have been spending stupid amounts of time on Photoshop editing photos at the dead of night! I just can't help it, i feel like the walking dead all day and then 10 o clock strikes and ping! i'm wide awake and ready to get productive. I must have been a vampire or something in my past life.

So anyway, this week has been all about putting together a wholesale catalogue that i can send out to potential shops! I finally finished it yesterday morning around half past five... but i am a very happy girl. It contains all of the background info on Night Owl, what inspired me to start up, where and how i work. Then i have included the entire collection of everything i sell (that can be sold in high volumes) with all the product details and lastly how people can order my lovely goods!

Yesterday afternoon was spent emailing shops that i think Night Owl would work really well with and so far i have had two orders :) I am so excited for Night Owl at the moment, since being poorly it feels like for the first time i'm really into it again. Yay!!

If there are any shop owners that read my blog whether it is online or a brick and mortar shop, please feel free to email me at j.r.l.print@gmail.com il send my very posh catalogue right on over!

Jess x

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