4 September 2011

New Customised Lavender Cushion

Last week it was my friends birthday and i decided to have a go at making her a lavender cushion with one  of my owls on! I'm really happy with the result, especially how it looks sitting on her bed next to her other cushions and bear, cute.

I decided to use a natural linen as a base as i am into quite a neutral and earthy colours. Then i chose a vintage black and white dogtooth pattern for the back. I transferred the owl onto the fabric using heat transfer and i love the result, i was quite dubious about the finish this method would leave but its really neat and professional. After sewing the pieces together i filled the owl with toy filling and dried lavender from the garden. He smells lovely!

As you can see i placed Alex's name on the cushion beneath my burrowing owl just to make the gift extra special. When buying for others i always go for gifts that are slightly personal so i thought that making them totally customisable would be brilliant and the perfect treat for any owl lover.

I can make cushions with any Night Owl design or if you have something else in mind get in touch by commenting below or emailing me at j.r.l.print@gmail.com, i'd be happy to help.

This owl cushion would be priced at £12.50, you can hopefully see the approx size from the photos. The price also includes the personalised name.


  1. I absolutely adore your designs. Will definitely be making a few purchases when I'm all moved in and the student loan has rolled into my account. I love the personalization as well, it makes a gift so much more special :) You will be my next weeks design Sunday I think ! <3 Molly xo