10 October 2011

Sparrow Hawk

I have been so busy lately that i havn't had chance to update the blog at all! I have so much to tell you...

First of all i have decided to take the plunge and i have quit my part time job to go full time with Night Owl, i was struggling so much to get all of my orders done and i was so tired all of the time. So now i am putting every hour of every day into the runningof Night Owl and i love it.

My orders have picked up enormously since going full time and i have gained a few more stockists which is exciting! I have been trying my hardest to get some drawing done whilst keeping the business side running smoothly but i have only managed to start a large pencil drawing of a sparrow hawk. I wanted to work on a calendar for 2012 but at this rate, it might be a little bit of a struggle but the sparrow hawk is destined to be January if i manage to pull it off.

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