8 August 2011

Temporary Secretary

A few weeks back i discovered an online treasure trove under the name of Temporary Secretary. After a little natter we decided that it would be nice to take part in a little swap shop/ photo shoot, how exciting!

The brainchild behind the awesome brand Temporary Secretary is a lovely lady named Sarah. Sarah now stocks a huge range of handmade kitsch and vintage jewellery and accessories each hand picked with its own sense of humour and charming character.

I have spent some time deciding on how to photograph the pieces in order to do them the justice they deserve. I have to say, this is a jewellery first. I was so excited when my little packages arrived, i couldn't wait to wear them let alone take photos of them. Hopefully this swap works well for the both of us, i feel that our customers and followers will definitely have mutual tastes and style and hopefully our handmade products will reach a larger audience.

The packages contained a beautiful collection of necklaces, rings, accessories and stationary including a whole set of owl inspired jewellery. Very thoughtful.

So please at your own risk take a minute to stop by the Temporary Secretary shop, it is constantly updated with really unique and quirky pieces that also don't break the piggy bank but be warned in advance, you will want EVERYTHING. Sarah is a meticulous photographer with a great eye for colour and style so be sure to check out her blog too where you can also see the package that i sent.



  1. Thank you so much, Jessica. I had forgotten what I had sent you - I have the memory of a senile oldie! But i do remember that I sent you a bunch of owls! I'm so glad you like them. It would be awesome to know if my post made an difference to your web traffic. I will also keep you in the loop with that.

    I look forward to reading all the feedback, and hope it attracts more readers for you! I shall be back for the updates/comments. xxxxx

  2. those are some seriously gorgeous jewellery.. how do i buy ??


  3. Just a quick msg to let you know i've added you to our blogroll http://tempsecpress.blogspot.com/p/blogs-we-love.html