25 August 2011

High Tea

Today me and momma have been busy getting my order ready for Yellowstone Art Boutique at Trentham Estate in Staffordshire. After hours of finishing, snipping, packing and taping we were on the road up north!

After dropping off the big box of goodies to the shop, i had a little sit down with Hannah, the owner and we discussed...shhhh christmas! I have decided that i will be making christmas decorations from slices of wood like last year along with some more log candle holders and some festive card sets. After a long deep think i have decided that i would like to make a calender for 2012. I still need to decide on what imagery i will use, ideally i would love to have one britsh garden bird one, a bird of prey one and a woodland one but thats obviously me dreaming! So the next few days i  am going to get stuck into my drawing and painting as i have really been neglecting it lately to deal with orders and boring admin.

I'l keep you updated with how the calender is coming along but here are some photos from today. High tea with momma at Trentham, lush.

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