15 February 2011

Curiosity Haus at The Orange Tree

The Orange Tree in Nottingham was home to the first Curiosity Haus Craft Fair of 2011 on Saturday, and it was pretty amazing!

It was such a nice day and i was really lucky to be selling with some really lovely, talented ladies. It is always a successful day selling with Laura at Curiosity Haus and Saturday was no exception. It was an interesting day as i was trialing a few newbies and also managed to sell some pieces i have had for quite some time.

As it was 'valentines weekend', most of my customers were guys buying their loved ones a gift and i think everyone who attended bought at least one cupcake from Natalie from Yummy Little Cakes.

Here are some photos from the day, including my very BRIGHT stall i have just realised.


  1. That looked like a nice fair!

  2. It was lovely Alice! Check them out on twitter, Curiosity Haus.