19 February 2011


Yesterday i recieved a nice little suprise through the letterbox. I had a quick glance and spotted the Canadian postmarks and knew it would be from my very talented twitter pal Jessica Gowling! Unfortunately Jessica has a poorly hand and cannot draw as it may get worse and we don't want that so she was very kind to send me a postcard to keep my anticipation at bay!

I am starting to get together the bits and pieces ready to send back to her, hopefully it will cheer her up a little! Mail art is really something i would like to get into and i am really into (sadly) love letters and traditional communication, so if anyone who reads this would like to swap with me just let me know via my email j.r.l.print@gmail.com

Here are a few examples i have found that are a little bit adorable.


  1. I would love to mail be mailed art! How do I do this? Great post :)