31 March 2011

Mail Art from Canada

I recieved my mail art from my first mail art pal Jessica Gowling last week. I've been super busy at home with the new studio and other bit and bobs and have not had time to tell you all about how amazing it is!

I was so excited when i came home from work and my momma showed me the envelope! I went upstairs and carefully opened it to reveal...

Jessica has been a poorly lady lately and has been unable to draw, but as an amazing substitute she has created artwork on Photoshop especially for me! I had once told Jessica that Hippos were my favourite animal so as you can see (on the right of the photo above)  she has created a beautiful, thoughtful piece of artwork that i immediately wanted to use as a bookmark but instead it is pinned up on my notice board as im too scared to ruin it!

Thank you so much Jessica and your reply is almost ready :)

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