21 March 2011

Yellowstone Art Boutique

I was an extremely lucky girl last year when i was introduced to the very lovely and talented Hannah Stoney. I was told by a mutual friend that she was planning to open a shop in the spring of this year and was looking for artists/makers who would like to sell and display their work there.

So, here is spring (officially) and the shop is now OPEN.

Hannah has opened a shop in the retail village at Trentham Gardens, Staffordshire which is completely, utterly, totally amazing. I went to visit the shop last week to drop off my crafty wares and see how she was getting on. It really is like nothing else i have seen, especially around here in the midlands, her visual merchandising and displays are so original and she really has thought about every last detail.

A large chesterfield sofa caught my eye as soon as i walked in, there was the drawers hung on the walls containing handmade rag dolls, vintage bureaus and singer sewing machines. It was almost too much to take in and thats without mentioning all of the beautiful arts and crafts!

The open evening for YellowStone Art Boutique was Saturday and sadly i had to work :( but Hannah let me know that my bits and bobs went down a treat and i was over the moon with how many sales i had. So this wednesday  means another trip to Trentham to drop off some more stock. How exciting!

Here is an article in 'The Sentinel' about Hannah, Hannah's lovely mom and Hannah's lovely shop. I get a little mention too (thank you!).

Also here is a link to the shops website with the address and more info!

Follow whats happening at the shop on twitter and facebook here.

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